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  Allstate Workplace Division’s Individual Based – Payroll Deduction products include:

1.     Universal Life 20P and 21P HDB

2.     Critical Illness – benefits paid up to 3 times with re-occurance and wellness!

3.     Horizon 20 Year Term

4.     Individual Accident - AP2 (on/off) -AP3 (off)

5.     CP10 Cancer with 20 Dread Diseases

6.     SHOP® Supplemental Health Options Policy

7.     HSA Compatible Plans – SHOP® - Accident - Cancer

8.     Heart/Stroke HSP2

…and the broadest range of guaranteed issue Group Worksite offerings in the market!

9.   Group Universal Life2

10.  Group SHOP®2 With Beech Street PPO Network

11.   Group Vision2

12.   Group Life and AD&D  (Employer Paid)

13.   Group Life and AD&D  (Voluntary1)

14.   Group Short Term Disability (Employer Paid)

15.   Group Short Term Disability (Voluntary1)

16.    Group Life and Group STD Combo Program (Employer Paid)

17.    Group Long Term Disability (Employer Paid)

18.    Group Long Term Disability (Voluntary1)

19.    Group AHL mini-medical®2 with PPO network from PHCS®  Network

20.    Group SHOP® Supplemental Health Options Plan2

21.    Group Voluntary Accident 2

22.    Group Voluntary Cancer2 with 29 Dread Diseases

23.    Group Critical Illness2  (Composite Rates)

24.    Group Critical Illness2  (Age Banded Rates)

25.    Group Dental1


 1 Products that can be issued to cases with 51 or more eligible lives, and 25% participation.

 2Products that must meet GI requirements, and must have a minimum of 51 insured's (certificate holders).


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